Roofing Industry Experience

Our Services

We will consistently deliver the highest quality commercial and industrial roof rock removal services in the Midwest region. Providing exceptional service is the primary focus of D&M Service Group. Recognized as one of the best roof removal companies in the area, we take pride in providing the highest quality of service to our customers. In addition to roof rock removal, D&M Service Group provides a full line of roof preparation services, we are also experienced in industrial and commercial vacuuming such as ballasted and built up systems and hydro blasting.

Our Services Include:

Roof Rock Removal

Ballasted and Built Up Systems

Power Broom and Wet Vacuum Cleaning

Roof Foam Removal

Sandblasting for Paint Removal, Historic Restoration, and Deep Cleaning

Industrial Vacuum Excavation including Dust Cleaning

Sludge Removal

Trench Drain, Catch Basin, and Service Bay Clean Out

Tank Cleaning

Power Washing for Parking Lots and Commercial Cleaning

Roof Coatings

Fully Insured & OSHA Compliant